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Ant Control Services

Common ants are not known to carry disease – but they will not stop to wipe their feet on the way into your kitchen. They can bring all sorts of nasty germs with them depending on where they had their last meal, so it is wise to have an ant problem treated by a pest control expert in Nairobi to avoid contamination, especially where food is stored.

We are ant control experts and we can rid your home, business, and garden of black ant infestations and the more exotic ant species. Our professional pest controllers are skilled at ant removal and use a number of techniques to ensure every last ant is gone. So call us today for a quote and put an end to your ant problem once and for all.

Home and Garden Ant infestations

Ants are a distressing sight when they enter your home in numbers, especially when they make it as far as your kitchen cupboards. They also make a nuisance of themselves outside, often found on lawns, flower beds, on driveways and at the base of exterior walls.

Ants nests can be really annoying when you are trying to enjoy your garden, and can get everywhere. Little ones love a creepy-crawly and can quickly become covered head to toe if they come across a nest. Although they are unlikely to come to any harm it’s not pleasant, especially if you are squeamish about insects. In the warmer months, flying ants can drive you to distraction as they swarm in large numbers.

Ant Control Services in Nairobi kenya

Commercial ant control

Ant infestations in commercial premises can reflect badly on the company, especially in hospitality venues, surgeries or hospitals. Where food is stored, ants are bad news and they can seriously compromise hygiene standards in healthcare environments. The health risk aside, nobody wants to see a slow-moving line of ants make their way across the floor of a restaurant, hotel room or hospital ward, and it is likely to end in complaint. With social media at everyone’s fingertips, that complaint could be very public so it is essential to get an ant exterminator to deal with the problem, fast.

Ant pest control

There are plenty of domestic methods of getting rid of ants and numerous ant killer products, but as tempting as it may be to reach for one, they are rarely effective. Only the female worker ants are visible above ground, and back at ant HQ the nest can hold thousands more, plus the next generation tucked up in their cocoons. Therefore, a home ant treatment will only tackle the pests you can see. To be rid of an ant infestation for good, you must destroy the nest, which is much harder to do without the help of a professional pest controller.

Experienced and discreet service

We are highly experienced in ant control, and can provide a quick and discreet service for businesses and homeowners. Our service starts by identifying the ant species and finding the source, before deciding on the most appropriate course of ant treatment. We use professional-strength sprays, gels and powders, as well as fogging techniques, which are very effective in destroying ants nests, even in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Environmental issues are very important to us, and all of the chemicals we use are safe for people and pets.

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