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Mattress Cleaning Services

We specialize in professional deep mattress cleaning in Nairobi Kenya and sorrounding areas and our services are used by numerous private and commercial customers like hotels, dormitories and hospitals.

Any mattress, no matter how qualitative and expensive it is, gets dirty with time. To ensure that it has a neat appearance and is hygienically clean, periodically it should be cleaned – ideally with every change of bed linen. To effectively clean any mattress, one should adhere to the basic tips that we will consider below. Alternatively, you can contact the specialists of the company Jubilant Cleaning, which will save time and effort, ensuring an ideal result.

Effective mattress cleaning is accomplished with the use of a powerful vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. It not only removes the dust that adheres to the surface of the mattress, but also perfectly displays various allergens such as wool, mold and dust mites. If there is no such unit at home, you can use the old tested method – take the mattress to fresh air and carefully knock out.

Although the mattress is constantly protected by bed linens, which restrains pollution, there are situations when they seep and fall directly on it. This can be spilled morning coffee, childish surprises and not only. To remove such stains will help wiping with a sponge moistened with water and ammonia (in the proportion of 1 cup of water to 1 teaspoon of ammonia). After a couple of minutes, the liquid is washed off, after which the mattress must completely dry out.

When performing mattress cleaning, the moisture should be completely removed, preventing its active absorption inside, as this can lead to the appearance of mold. It’s easier not to remove stains, but to prevent their appearance – you should use mattress pads for this. Using them there will be no need for frequent deep cleaning. When cleaning, remove dust from the bottom of the bed itself. This will allow the mattress to remain clean from all sides, and its cleaning will not go wrong. If you are faced with serious pollution, which you can not remove, or you simply appreciate your time – we are always ready to help you. Apply right now and your mattress will become like just bought.

If you decide that mattress cleaning is too exhausting for you, you need to call Jubilant Cleaning experts. Professional mattress cleaning services in Nairobi in our company is carried out with the help of professional tools and equipment. You can order steam cleaning of the mattress at home, as well as cleaning mattress covers and other bedding. The cost of the service will depend on its size and type of cleaning. It must be remembered that for certain materials and types of contamination only a certain cleaning method can come up, if in doubt – call a technologist who will accurately determine the necessary parameters and the type of cleaning of the mattress.

The first step in mattress cleaning is inspection of the surface. After that appropriate preparations are applied, depending on the type of the stain. Steam cleaning method is used for disinfection and removal of old stains and odors.

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