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Jubilant cleaning services is a cleaning services company in Nairobi Kenya committed to quality and security means that we only use company-trained staff for our all cleaning services that we provide to our clients.

Affordable Quality Cleaning Services

Welcome to Jubilant Cleaning Services

Affordable cleaning services company in Nairobi Kenya!

Jubilant Cleaning services is a dynamic cleaning services company in Nairobi Kenya. We are engaged in providing our clients and prospects second to none royal first class services in the areas of office space cleaning, after party clean up, home services and other cleaning related services like moving services.

Ours is an epitome of excellence towards satisfying our clients’ needs. As such we have at our disposal excellent, well trained, trustworthy, staff and equipment to carry out these activities and other auxiliary services to suit your taste.

Our mission is to promote excellent cleaning services to our clients by providing a personalized one-stop cleaning and auxiliary services at an affordable fee. We take your cleaning with utmost respect. And pest control services

Our vision is to provide professionally guaranteed services at the lowest cost in the market. Find us on facebook

cleaning services company in Nairobi

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Our cleaning services company in Nairobi consultants are trained to provide you with the very best advice and service from the moment you first make contact with us.

We will provide you with a clear, unambiguous price quote with no hidden charges.

Finally, we will coordinate every aspect of your cleaning to ensure that everything is done beyond your expectations to your satisfaction.

Jubilant cleaning services commitment to quality and security means that we only use company-trained staff for our all cleaning services we provide to our clients.

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Daily Cleaning Services

Involves daily vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning, office equipment, Boardrooms, and ablution facilities

Periodical Cleaning Services

Carpet & upholstery cleaning, high rise windows, high rise beams and ceilings, basement & parking cleaning

Segment Cleaning Services

Involves cleaning of corporate office, retail shopping malls, places of worship, educational institutions

Special Cleaning Services

Involves Event cleaning, after party cleaning, post construction cleaning, vehicle cleaning,


Genuine care and service

We are in constant contact with you to ensure everything is running smoothly and according to your plans.

Best value for money

We are experienced with well trained staff allowing us to offer you the best value for money.

Tailor-made Cleaning

We are flexible enough to abondone our way of doing things just to meet our client’s diverse needs.


Though some companies may have been rendering similar services for over decade now, we are different because of our dedication to work and service.

We have done many researches to suit modern cleaning services. We have gone for seminars and workshops to improve and give our best on all forms of office space cleaning.

Again, the ability to render excellent cleaning services to the satisfaction of our client makes us outstanding.

Hence we urge you to see the difference. At Jubilant Cleaning Services Ltd:

  1. We personalize our services leading to an intimate relationship with our clients and seek ways on improving our services,
  2. We provide guarantee for service delivery and against hidden cost,
  3. We boost the corporate image of our clients through cleanliness, which is next to Godliness,
  4. We provide the affordable price as we offer high quality services,
  5. We provide our clients with a one-stop cleaning services. This includes garden maintenance and garbage collection.
  6. Finally, we provide you with a moderate and convenient payment terms.

Jubilant Cleaning  Services





Your efficient scheduling, management, and supervision resulted in timely completion of the work and a quality cleaning...Particularly refreshing was the spirit of cooperation demonstrated Jubilant employees which served to minimize time taken to do the cleaning. Thank you so much


Jubilant Cleaning services
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Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer numerous cleaning services to better serve you and your business. We know that a clean facility can reduce sick days, whether it is an office building, a warehouse, or a retail store. A pristine environment always makes a great impression on clients and customers. We can set up a one-time cleaning for a special project, or a custom schedule to keep your property spotless all week long. We are committed to making your workplace free of dirt and germs, and provide all types of commercial cleaning services, including:

We know you are busy running your business. Let us handle the cleaning so you don’t have to. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and family-owned and operated. We want to be your choice for all your commercial cleaning needs. Give our office a call today. We would be happy to customize a commercial cleaning plan for you.

All the staff of our cleaning company are highly-trained. All employees also undergo thorough background checks. We want to give you a pristine building and peace of mind. Great customer service is important to us. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we aren’t meeting your expectations.

Business Cleaning Services

We build relationships with our clients, and we bet you do as well. Don’t start your new business relationship off on the wrong foot with a dirty workplace. We know you have a lot of responsibilities. Let us handle all the cleaning for you, so you can focus on what your team does best.

We take care of all aspects of janitorial services for all types of businesses, including:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Bathroom sanitation
  • Dusting
  • Surface cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Break room/kitchen sanitation

Cleaning maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your business looking sharp every day. Employees and customers are in and out of your building every day, which means a lot of germs and dirt entering the building. Daily cleaning can help prevent illness that occurs from the spread of germs. As a commercial cleaning company, we pride ourselves in delivering quality results in a timely and professional manner.

We are focused on our customers and will always guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy with the job we have done, we promise to make it right. Don’t ever hesitate to call if you have questions regarding any of our cleaning company services.

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning is what our commercial cleaning company is known for! We will work hard to keep your business spotless. Whether you are looking for daily office cleaning, bi-weekly cleanings, or something less frequent, we can help. We offer competitive pricing and flexible schedules to fit your needs. Contact us today for more information.

The appearance of your office is important when it comes to showing your professionalism to clients and customers. People will naturally put more faith in your services if the office is clean and tidy. We will clean and sanitize any common areas such as the office lobby, break rooms, and bathrooms. You work hard at making your business a success. Don’t let a dirty workplace reflect poorly on you. Whatever size office you have, we can clean it for you.

Our office cleaning company takes great pride in delivering exceptional results and customer service to all of our clients. We always guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you are ever less than thrilled with our cleaning services, please give us a call so we can fix the problem.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Jubilant cleaning offers quality hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services, as well as excellent floor maintenance services, for all types of commercial facilities. Whether you are seeking routine maintenance and cleaning or periodic deep cleaning and restoration, we are up to the job of making your floors look great.

A shiny floor or freshly vacuumed carpet leaves a good impression and reflects well on your business. Clean floors are among the most frequently cited metrics in customer satisfaction surveys. Our state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality cleaning products and attention to detail will help your business look good and extend the life of your hardwood, tile and carpet for years.

Post construction Cleaning

After investing in remodeling or building new offices, you want your building to be in pristine condition for the new tenants. Jubilant cleaning will remove the dust and debris that construction companies leave behind and leave the interior looking clean and smelling fresh. Post-construction cleanup requires special techniques to ensure the dust doesn’t return.

Post-Construction Services Include:

  • Cleaning cabinets and drawers, inside and out
  • Cleaning countertops and sinks and polishing fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, kitchens and break rooms
  • Cleaning and restoration of wood, tile, stained concrete and vinyl composition tile flooring
  • Vacuuming carpets and/or carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning mirrors, windows and window tracks
  • Cleaning baseboards, ceilings and vents
  • Sweeping, scraping, power washing and/or hosing off stairs, landings, walks, decks and patios
  • Removing interior trash and debris

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