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Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Services Experts

Jubilant Cleaning Services have specific trained and skilled staff that specializes in Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya. But before we dive deeper into the details of what you get when you contract us to do your Post Construction Cleaning, let’s first explain what it is.

What is post construction cleaning? Once you have finished your construction project, dust, paint, dirt and debris are usually allover. Your new commercial or residential space cannot be occupied until a thorough cleanup is done.  And this is what we call Post Construction Cleaning. The process of clearing and cleaning up the mess(dust, debris, paint and dirt) that happened during construction or renovation, to make the new home or office ideal and suitable for human use.

What is included in post construction cleaning Services?

Post cleaning cleaning is one of the most difficult cleaning tasks for a cleaning team to perform flawlessly. The end results of your construction project will only be appreciated when the space is ready for occupation or use, but to do so comfortably, you will need every speck of dust gone.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nairobi scope of work:

  1. Removal of “CONSTRUCTION” trash & debris left on floors, walls and all items horizontal and vertical
  2. Dusting walls, baseboards, fixtures, and furnishings-cabinets counters, shelving
  3. Vacuum clean/dust display cases inside and outside
  4. Shine all stainless steel

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

  • Are walls clean?
  • Has ceilings and ceiling fans dusted?
  • Are windows wiped and doors frames clean?
  • Are floors polished?
  • Has all garbage been removed and disposed?
  • Has cabinet doors and tops of cabinets cleaned?
  • Has countertops and backsplashes scrubbed?
  • Has excess debris from around sinks and faucets removed?
  • Are toilets clean?

Post construction cleaning services

Post Construction Cleaning Procedures

General Cleaning

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Cabinet Washing
  3. Dust Removal
  4. Floor Scrubbing and Outdoor Pressure Washing

Restrooms Cleaning

  1. Clean & sanitize full restroom including toilets/urinals, sinks, doors,
  2. Wipe clean walls as necessary
  3. Empty trash/move all trash from restroom

Window Cleaning

  1. All interior & ext. windows, which includes vestibules, and all doors
  2. Wash inside glass & window, remove all dirt, smudges, fingerprints, streaks

Ceramic Tile/Slate Cleaning

  1. Machine scrub all ceramic tile/Slate floors (including restrooms)
  2. Dust mop entire floor area
  3. Damp mop with cold water cleaner

Advantages of Hiring Post Construction or Renovation Cleaning Services:

  • You can enjoy your new home or renovated house sooner.
  • Avoid self-injuries during the cleaning process as you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment.
  • Save on medical bills as a result of coming into contact with much dust. This can cause lots of coughing and make you sick.
  • You don’t have to buy extra cleaning products as the cleaning company will provide all the products.
  • Professional service from skilled and highly trained staff in the area of post construction
  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. With your checklist at hand, you can go through to ensure all areas are totally covered.

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