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Sanitary Bins Services

Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Bins

Commercial Washrooms must comply with Sanitary Waste Disposal Regulations and Jubilant Hygiene can help. We service Commercial Washrooms and manage feminise waste for businesses, hotels and offices throughout Nairobi and Kenya.

We are one of the leading sanitary waste disposal companies in Nairobi and we dispose of sanitary waste in a safe and environmentally conscious way, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis

In addition to providing a professional and hygienic Sanitary Waste Disposal Service, we provide a range of Sanitary Bins, both standard and Bio.

Sanitary Waste Management

We provide your washroom cubicles with one of Jubilant Hygiene’s sanitary disposal bins available in a range of finishes. Our feminine hygiene bins are ergonomically designed for simplicity, ease of use and optimum hygiene.

Our fully trained staff will perform regular scheduled visits, according to your needs, exchanging your feminine hygiene sanitary bins on each visit, ensuring maximum hygiene is maintained within your washroom.

As time progresses and the needs of your business change, we are always happy to adjust the services that we provide in order to best suit your current needs. Just contact one of our friendly customer service staff members via email or phone.

Affordable Pricing

We believe that quality hygienic services such as sanitary disposal and medical waste shouldn’t break the bank! That’s why we always try to give the best prices on our services while not compromising on the quality we provide you. We provide our services to businesses of all sizes. From local businesses to multi national company branches. Call us today if you would like a quote on any of our services.

Great Services

We pride ourselves on providing superior service to all our clients. All our service technicians are highly trained and go through screening processes including legal background checks. Our customer service staff members will always be ready to help you with your enquiries and give you the solutions you need.

Quality Products

Our Sanitary Bins Services only supplies products that meet our high quality standards. We test our products to make sure that they can withstand high levels of use and still perform. We also put emphasis on the need for stylish products that fit with the designs of different buildings while adhering to safety and health.


With years of experience, you can trust us to supply quality hygiene services that are reliable, high quality and performed with a friendly smile. You will always have piece of mind knowing you’re putting your best foot forward in relation to your bathrooms maintenance.

We also service the products frequently. Servicing may include the exchanging of sanitary bins, refilling soap dispensers or maintaining air fresheners.  We also supply serviced medical disposal bins and hand sanitation products ideal for clinics, gyms,  hospitals and first aid room

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